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A few questions that might come up answered here. Any other questions, please contact us here.

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Can I submit more than once?

Please do not submit additional work for the same issue/book until a decision has been made regarding your current submission. You can submit to more than one journal/collection in the same period. You may submit *new* work for subsequent issues of the journal, regardless of being accepted or not.

Do I mail in a submission?

Please contact us if you cannot submit via email.

How are you funded?

Kind donations and 2 dollar zines.

To be a sustainer of this project, you can donate here:


I’m new writer, can I still submit? I’m a student, can I submit?

Yes, please do! Have a friend, teacher or buddy proofread your work. Have a couple of friends look your work over and ask for honest feedback. Read your work out loud or in your head, does it flow?
Take the feedback and either work with it or ignore it. Send us work you’ve workshopped in a class or thought of putting in a zine but never got to it. Send us the work that you think won’t be published by other collections. Send us the work that still makes your heart skip a beat.

other questions

Previously published work?

See specific submission information as it may vary.

Simultaneous submissions

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please inform us as soon as a submission is accepted elsewhere.

The deadline is too soon!!!

Check back to see if the deadline has been extended. In the Rio Grande Valley, we do things on “valley time”….I’m borrowing this freestyle way of thinking about parties and get togethers to let you know, that the deadlines are not set in stone.