Poems & Numbers- #nofuckingwall call for submissions

Call for Submissions: #nofuckingwall

A special pop-up issue on the Border Wall

→With the promise of funneling more money into building a larger border fence;

→While Mexicans both documented and undocumented were recently rounded up by ICE in major cities across the US;

→Chicanxs, Mexican@s and Indigenous communities in our racist and xenophobic society will continue to live through violent repercussions for existing and living;

→Because the border fence also divided tribal land which included Indigenous nations and tribes;

→We resist.

Seeking submissions from Mexican women of color, Xicanas and Chicana poets, writers, brujas and artists who face class and multiple marginalizations including disability/being crip to submit for a special issue on the dividing wall. Send poems, experimental poems, and art-collage combined with poetry pieces. These are our spells and gritos.


Deadline 3/31. Timely response. More info here- Poems & Numbers

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