Racist Sandwich is a podcast about food, race, class and gender. Based in Portland, hosts Soleil Ho and Zahir Janmohamed bring us conversations with guests and each other on the many ways we consume food and how food is a politicized issue. Obviously, I’m biased, since I love food and I love to discuss race matters– and how food is a cultural part of our identity and history.

I selectively picked a few episodes to listen but truth is, they all looked interesting and I plan on going back and catching up on them.

In E12: It’s Time for Solutions, the guest was food writer Nicole Taylor, who speaks to Soleil Ho and Zahir Janmohamed on race and culture and the Black roots of Southern food,  the mainstream media shift concerning Southern food and the momentum needed to continue the race and food convo forward.

I listened to episode 16-And You Tried to Change, Didn’t You (w/ guest Salimatu Amabebe) where host Soleil Ho and chef and caterer Salimatu discuss eating disorders and the Western concept of desirability.

The bonus episode I listened to, (Not) Feeding the Trolls (w/ guest Celeste Noche) is a must too, as well as the referenced ep 14. This bonus ep talks about the backlash Celeste, a Filipino-American food and travel photographer, received over discussing how racism is extra extra deep fried in food photography and how racial microaggressions are found in food media.  (and there is singing!)

The podcast is free and includes transcripts*, a major plus in my book (please include transcripts, folks!). A new ep is served up for us every two weeks and you can support the work they do through their Patreon.

*some don’t seem to have transcripts available, maybe they post them and add them later or at the request of the guests.

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