Canine Chronicles: A Collection of Mysteries and Adventures

As a dog watcher, I’ve often found myself creating little stories about the dogs in my neighborhood and imagining the adventures they might go on and how  the canine residents of my neighborhood might em”bark” on their own adventures, mysteries and whodunits.


 This perspective also says a lot about us as humans. By seeing the world from a dog’s point of view, we can reflect on our own interactions with each other, our families, our neighborhoods and our communities. It can help us to better understand the importance of communication and relationships, and the role that empathy and understanding play in our lives.


I am excited to bring my love for creative storytelling and my <3 for dogs together in this anthology.

I’m passionate about creative new styles of storytelling and finding new ways to bring the world of dogs to life. That’s why I’m inviting writers to submit their stories to this anthology. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, if you have a story to share that explores the world of dogs in a unique and imaginative way, I encourage you to submit it to “Canine Chronicles: A Collection of Mysteries and Adventures”. Let’s unleash the stories.


As a writer who loves dogs, I have always been fascinated by the complex social dynamics and communication methods of our furry friends. I believe that by exploring these interactions through the eyes of dogs in the form of short stories, we can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation not only for our pets, but also for the unique personalities and behaviors of dogs in general. *Also DOGGOS!*

With the new anthology, “Canine Chronicles: A Collection of Mysteries and Adventures”, I want to bring to life the world of dogs in a creative and imaginative way. Each story will offer a glimpse into the minds and experiences of our four-legged friends in a mystery, adventure or other shenanigans the heroes and villains of our stories will find themselves in.

submission details coming soon


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