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New Update: Accommodations & Support: Addressing Needs in Community Teaching >> HERE

Environmental Justice in the Rio Grande Valley: Lessons Using Alt Media >> here

I’ve added the first part of the “guidebook” i’m putting together on using alt media and zines for lessons to teach and for the community. Just a few things I’ve learned and used through out the years. Questions? Corrections? LMK. the photos are just placeholders, I initially was going to make this into a zine with cute lil fotos, but it became unbearable-to large to handle and to many things were going on. So I just worked on the content when I could. And still so much time has passed! Every time I look up, another rocket or some other thing has exploded alla. things have changed, folks are doing amazing things. but the stuff I’ve put up here and brought up can be used for just about any other cause or concern in any area. <3




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Updating with the second part of the environmental guide to using in communities that I have been working on. I was going to upload it yesterday, but it was so hectic.

I include alot of section breaks and section titles, and space because it helps folks with ADHD, dyslexia and just all around helpful for scanning and reading purposes. Some folks might be turned off, like -yes, we know this is a conclusion again. But that’s the reason.



In January, I had started some exciting projects going! I was taking medication for ADHD and had finally finished a chapbook I had started the summer before in a writing class with Ariel Gore, everyone was completing a chapbook! that’s the summer my dad died. This spring I *finally* finished a chapbook about living with my mother’s grief. My father passed quickly, leaving me without direction. To fill the void, I took on numerous new projects, because, because, why not. Then in April, one of my dogs had a really bad accident that caused heavy heavy blood loss.

[immigrant oldest daughter guilt aside], I couldn’t afford the assistant that had been helping me manage my work and business, another thing that I was trying out for my ADHD management. sometime in the spring, articles about sensitivity readers came out and the job market for diversity editors and sensitivity readers cooled down. Like last year, I continued selling used & thrifted costumes [so much fun, wish I could do this more], and helped my teen sell K-pop merch [also fun]. I make more from this than selling books and zines, cry cry cry, I wish I had time to create some art and collage pieces.

I had planned to create a magical valley food zine and a doggie mystery zine. But I am also getting quotes from an editor to edit a collage guide I still want to assemble. I’ll still produce some content I have available.

I created some resources to include in zine kits, which I’m also making available here. The resources include a handout on guidebooks for zines, classrooms, and communities; a sample introduction for zine courses; an explanation of different ways zines can be used for teaching; guidance on ‘what and how to teach with zines’; two sample rubrics; and a section on various types of zines.

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the first one is a lil handout on guidebooks to zines & the classroom and the community, with a sample introduction for a zine course, teaching and engaging with zines, a short section on convincing admin on why zines are awesome and a short section that explains the different ways that zines can be used to teach. ALSO-what and how to teach with zines, 2 sample rubrics

[I know, I know, but I create lessons as gigs and I know how they can be requirements], and a short section on a few of the different types of zines.

image of pages of zine against an illustration background

The next one is, FIND THE MAGIC IN CUT AND PASTE: AN ALT RESOURCE is a quarter-sized zine I created for neurodivergent kids and folks. It contains minimum text and no images and provides creative prompts and an introduction to zines. To assemble, print on both sides of letter-size paper, then cut in half and stack one half on top of the other. Unfortunately, I could not arrange the numbers correctly because of dyscalculia. After weeks of frustration, I made copies without numbers and suggest readers arrange however they think works best, as the first and last page will stay the same.

print on both sides in portrait size if you’re printing.

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