submit to our next issue of #nof!ckingborderwall

For the second issue of #nof!ckingborderwall, we are seeking submissions from Xicanx, Chicanx, afro-Mexican, indigenous and other people of color with connections to the Texas/Mexico and Texas/California borderlands area who are writers, poets, brujxs and artists who face multiple marginalizations. We are looking for stories, poems, hybrid pieces, photo narratives and art (fotos or artwork) that captures the essence of Border culture and what the creation of the Border wall destroys.

You don’t have to live in the Mexico/Texas or Califas/Mexico border to submit, but be connected to the area, border wall and borderlands in your life.

Poems & Numbers is an online space that publishes women and nonbinary persons of color, who face multiple marginalization including being disabled (crip), neurodiversity, queer and marginalized genders. We want to receive work by queer, nb, trans, immigrant mujeres, by first gen latinx and by sex workers, by faith healers and brujas, by those who the border crossed and those from displaced islands and lands. For so long have our poems and odd posts have not found homes, our anger deemed inappropriate and not fitting a certain style.  We wanted to provide that platform.

We will consider simultaneous submissions, but ask that you notify us immediately if you are accepted elsewhere. We do not reprint written work that has been published elsewhere, in any form.

Please add your name to your submission as we do not read anonymously.

More info and how to submit can be found here

⇔If you would like to support us with time, editorial work, volunteering, social media, outreach, reach out to us at hermanresistpress (at) We do not charge reading fees. Everyone involved does this as a labor of love and because we believe the work we do is important.

Poems & Numbers is an online space that publishes mujeres, nonbinary folks and those who face class+race multiple marginalization including crip, neurodiversity and disabilities.

Marginalization is a multi-layered concept. Here we seek to address and give space to those who have overlapping marginalized aspects in our lives. While some litmags and other spaces address sexism or single issue or varied activism, we want to address the concerns of the most marginalized of these groups, and how they intersect in our identities, and in doing so call attention to and address how other establishments fail to adequately center the most marginalized voices.  Often it is helpful to stress what we are not because of the way we are marginalized. But here, we want to stress <em>us</em>, who we are and why we congregate and not name the power dynamics we want to break from.