Nos/Otras second edition & new printing

We are doing a second and updated release of this collection, with new content. It will be released as a book.

I have a term that is called nos-otras, and I put a dash between the nos and the otras. The nos is the subject “we,” that is the people who were in power and colonized others. The otras is the “other,” the colo­nized group. Then there is also the dash, the divide between us. However, what is happening, after years of colonization, is that all the divides disappear a little bit because the colonizer, in his or her interaction with the colonized, takes on a lot of their attributes. And, of course, the person who is colonizing leaks into our stuff. So we are neither one nor the other; we are real­ly both. There is not a pure other; there is not a pure subject and not a pure object. We are implicated in each other’s lives. -Gloria Anzaldua

The 1st zine devoted to la Mera Nepantlera.
A zine created by the folks she influenced; from the place she grew up
in-the borderlands. How her writing created a new consciousness and gave voice to her generation and future generations – and how this allows others to find our voice with our border/ed tongues.


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