The Evolution Of My Spine: Mateo Parra Zine Anthology


Our first collection in our POC Zine anthology series is a tribute and zine anthology of the work of Mateo Parra.

Mateo Parra was a trans latino zinester, writer and lover of all things sci-fi and geekery. He loved Dolly and the X-files and loved unconditionally. He was loved by many and died accidently in January 2014 along with his loving husband Nyk.

We are collecting submissions for a tribute anthology that speaks to what his strength, passion and commitments meant to us in the zine community that were touched by his voice and words. We are also looking for essays, photo essay or interviews that detail his involvement organizing for different community groups such as the Southern Girls Convention.

If you never knew Mateo,  but would like to write about how you came to know his zines and his persona Tricky Martin, and the truthful and powerful narratives and community he created and was part of via zines, please do so.


  • Send 1-5 poems, recipes, creative nonfiction, personal narratives, visual arts, hybrid pieces and photos to hermanaresistpress@gmail.
  • The subject line should read: Mparra Submission-type of submission-number of submissions. For example, Tparra Submission poetry 3.
  • Send submissions in Word format, single spaced and in 12 ft.
  • For images and visual art, send high quality scan or image in JPG or PDF.
  • Include a brief bio in your email and the titles of your submissions in your email.
  •  No cover letter needed.

If your submission is included in the anthology, you’ll receive one copy of the project.

We will be doing a fundraiser for the printing costs.

Noemi Martinez will be editing this collection. Noemi and Mateo connected over zines, being survivors, the missing latin@ zines that were not being produced and Scully, then later Buffy (of course). They would visit each other in South Texas and Durham, where Noemi lived for a few months.

Thanks to Courtney B. and Traci B. who have agreed to do editor duties 🙂


This tribute anthology will have it’s own ISBN and will be available to buy here, on Etsy and  on Amazon.

Possible wholesale distributions for bookstores and distros. If you live in Durham, North Carolina or the South and would like to assist in planning a book tour with writers and artists from in that area, or any other media or press release/book release and readings,  please contact noemi at hermanaresistpress @
Mateo Parra wrote the following zines:
Casa De Los Trucos Chicken Soup for the Transsexual Soul
Casa De Los Trucos
Evolution of my spine
Doing Maria

Go here for up to date news on this collection.