A New Syntax

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“In ‘A New Syntax’, Noemí Altagracia Ixchel Martínez Turull explores the complex and often intangible experience of grief to navigate the aftermath of the loss of her mother and father.

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In addition to their work as a poet and writer, Martinez is also a mixed media artist, historian, and cultural worker with roots in Mexico and the Caribbean. Their father was forced to come to the US as a bracero and their mother was forced to come to the US as a child due to colonialism. Martinez has been involved in creating and teaching alternative media and education punk for the last two decades and currently works as an editor at Noemi’s Starship Consulting Services. . Further informed by their identity as a queer, neurodivergent, and disabled individual, Martinez has two decades of experience as a zine creator, dedicating themselves to creating, publishing, teaching, and discussing their and delving into subjects like cyberpunk and solar punk.


Lit Kit Creative Project

47 pages. Feb. 2023.


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