The Hermana Resist Zine Anthology

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An anthology of zines written by Noemi Martinez from 2001 to 2018


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The Hermana, Resist Zine Anthology is a poignant and empowering collection of zines written by Noemi Martinez, a writer and poet from the Rio Grande Valley with Mexican and Puerto Rican roots. This anthology spans nearly 20 years of personal history and discovery, and includes the zine “Making of a Chicana” published in 2001, as well as the first issue of Hermana, Resist published in 2002 and the next five issues, culminating in the 2018 issue, Hermana, Resist: Notes from the Resistance. Through her writing, Martinez reflects on her experiences as a Grrrl and punk identified writer, exploring themes of self-reflection, motherhood, mental illness, heritage, working poor status, and single motherhood. Noemi has been a dedicated zine maker for the past 20 years, creating, publishing, teaching, and advocating for this powerful medium. This anthology is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of personal and political experiences, and the resilience and resistance of marginalized voices.

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Noemi Martinez is a poet and writer with a rich cultural background, blending Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage. They identify as queer and disabled, and use their experiences to inform their poetry and writing. In addition to their literary pursuits, Martinez is also a skilled mixed media artist. As a single parent raising two children, they live in a family with multiple disabilities in deep South Texas. For the past twenty years, Martinez has been actively creating, publishing, teaching, and discussing zines, bringing their unique perspective and voice to the literary community.

Some of her poems, essays and art can be found in Rest for Resistance, Bitch, TAYO Literary Magazine, Jellyfish Review, Alyss Lit Mag, The Deaf Poets Society, Hip Mama Zine, The Perch, Rigourous, Make/Shift and Motherhood: Love on the Front Lines. She spills secrets and poems, late night twitter style @hermanaresist.

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