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An anthology of zines written by Noemi Martinez

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The Hermana, Resist Zine Anthology An anthology of zines written by Noemi Martinez This zine anthology includes the zines “Making of a Chicana” in 2001, the first issue of Hermana, Resist, published in 2002. Also included are the next five issues of Hermana, Resist and the 2018 issue, Hermana, Resist: Notes from the Resistance.  -Including in this anthology: Hermana, Resist 1-5 -Aged Noise -Making of a Chicana -Lines from Acedia to Apatheia.


Noemi Martinez is a femme poet-curanderx, mixed media artist and writer with magical roots from Mexico and Puerto Rico. A single mami of 2, she lives in a multi-crip fam in deep South Texas. She created a small micropress Hermanx Resist Press in 2014 and edits the online space Poems & Numbers which produces #nof!ckingborderwall, a litmag.

Some of her poems, essays and art can be found in Rest for Resistance, Bitch, TAYO Literary Magazine, Jellyfish Review, Alyss Lit Mag, The Deaf Poets Society, Hip Mama Zine, The Perch, Rigourous, Make/Shift and Motherhood: Love on the Front Lines. She spills secrets and poems, late night twitter style @hermanaresist.

For any book interviews, workshops or class chats and any other book publicity or speaking and reading engagements, please reach out and include info on your project, format, timeline and range of honorarium to noemimtz@gmail.com