South Texas Experience: Love Letters discussion & essay prompts printable file

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When you order this you will get a digital printable PDF of discussion and essay prompts to go with the book South Texas Experience: Love Letters that can be used in class discussion and jump-start lessons. They are open-ended, multiple-part questions and focus on 4 of the poems but the overall themes are found throughout all the poems inside so they can apply to most of them, like, home, redemption, death, history, belonging, etc.

This file will be in a PDF format.

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Have any essay prompts or discussion questions you’ve used with your students that were especially thought provoking and that really enjoyed? Send them over to me and I’ll include them in my next update.

Questions? Do your students want to ask me questions? I might answer. LMK.


You can order the book South Texas Experience here or through me via email.  If you know how many students you’ll be teaching and using this book you can give me a count and I can make sure I have enough in stock.