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A map of home and the relationship with South Texas


South Texas Experience: Love Letters is a collection of words and photos on loving South Texas and Texas, despite the bones and pain that are born on Texas soil. Of looking for seasons and bordered tongues and dreaming of bones and gray flowers.

When I talk about South Texas I usually mean San Antonio and below. And specifically the experience of being of Texas, South Texas, of being latinx and being of a place, loving a place that kills so many that look like me-that is the experience. Saying this is home but this is also the place that kills us. And wants to erase us.
-Noemi Martinez

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-China Martens writes in Hip Mama Magazine, 

Shit. I started to cry-laugh when I read South Texas Experience: Love Letters by Noemi Martinez. This is good. This is the real thing.

Forty two pages of poems and images in this beautiful self-published body. It gave me chills to read.

How does Noemi implement things like this so quickly, like lightning–how does she, a genius single mami writer in the trenches produce great works, seemingly overnight at times, through days and years of struggle? Noemi has been writing a long time. She put out her first zine, Making of a Chicana, in 2000 and Hermana, Resist in 2001 and has been part of larger collaborative networks to distribute and encourage independent media and activism. She has taught many workshops and organized many art shows.



South Texas Experience: Love Letters was featured in April 2020 on The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed, in the Sundress-Sundress Publications.


Dr. Madga Garcia who received her PhD from the Department of Chicana/o Studies at UC Santa Barbara, focused on ‘my mother, my longest lover’: Cripping South Texas in Noemi Martinez’s The South Texas Experience Zine Project (2005) and South Texas Experience: Love Letters (2015),” in Crip Genealogies (Duke UP) and a co-edited collected titled Transmoviementos: Latinx Queer Migrations, Bodies and Spaces (U of Nebraska Press, 2021).

My mother, my longest lover is a line from a poem in South Texas Experience: Love Letters about home and the Rio Grande Valley. It was also featured in the Wardrobe’s Best Dressed, a portion is found here.



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