South Texas Experience: Love Letters

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A map of home and the relationship with South Texas

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Pure relentless unwavering poet. Total control. Never too much or too little.
In poetry there is truth. In poetry there is education. In poetry there is heart/god/liberation. In poetry there is freedom. Noemi writes in memoriam for those whose names have been taken. She writes as a historian during a time history is outlawed. She writes of skulls “wedged between coffins” and “white yucca in blossom/the burning grass” as well as family, known and unknown.
This is why I wanted to be a writer. Why I write. Why I read. I immediately want to send this book to ten loved ones for the new years. I want to wish a hundred blessings for us in the new year. For a world where the survival of poetry and people matter. To fund the survival of the planet by supporting a new press of promise by a radical single mother of color at the center of a world of necessary transformation.  And the evolution of the zinester, the single mami media maker into having a new press and new forms, experiments in sustainability.
Deep. Nature + Poem. Images. Noemi is a masterful creatrix. She writes poems as truths, wake up calls for us all. Words are beautiful. Language, like ripples, so perfect.
-China Martens, Hip Mama

From the Author

South Texas Experience: Love Letters is a collection of words and photos on loving South Texas and Texas, despite the bones and pain that are born on Texas soil. Of looking for seasons and bordered tongues and dreaming of bones and gray flowers.

When I talk about South Texas I usually mean San Antonio and below. And specifically the experience of being of Texas, South Texas, of being Latina and being of a place, loving a place that kills so many that look like me-that is the experience. Saying this is home but this is also the place that kills us. And wants to erase us.
-Noemi Martinez


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