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Construyendo puentes Amor en acción


chapter one

Hermanx Resist Press is a micropress that was born from edupunk ethos to publish and promote work of women of color and people of color.

HRP & Studio specializes in publishing zines, chapbooks, and books that embrace radical activism, alternative media & social justice.

Vachellia farnesiana Huisache, Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Mission, Hidalgo County, March 2023. Attribution (CC BY 2.0)

chapter 2

Founded & led by me, Noemi Ixchel Altagracia Martinez Turull (she/they), & cooked up in the spring of 2014. I am a crip queer writer, poet, zinester & single mami from the Rio Grande Valley, with more than 2 decades in & zines.

HRP & Studio publishes zines, chapbooks and books and is an act of revolutionary love.

I provide editorial consultations at Noemi’s Starship Consulting Services.

chapter 3

Are you passionate about the work of magical marginalized writers &artists and promoting social change?  While we are a non-paying endeavor, we welcome collaborations & support from editors,visionaries & dreamers who share our passion. If you’d like to join, I'm always ready to collab & work together.

Attribution (CC BY 2.0)



A Micropress Born from Edupunk Ethos

A micropress isll-scale publishing house. Born from the edupunk ethos, it embodies the spirit of do-it-yourself culture, promoting independence,

creativity, and a rejection of mainstream norms.

A revolutionary kind of love that fuels the desire to disrupt the system, to alter the narrative, and to change perceptions.


My micropress & studio focuses on radical activism, alternative media, and social justice-our resources and products are geared towards those topics. Thank you for considering our shop <3
If you appreciate our work and would like to support us further, we have included a tip jar, our Patreon & Ko-fi here.