Hermana Resist – The Poetry Collected 2000-2007: PRINT version Mujerista Legacy & Xicana Resistance Rooted in Revolutionary Love


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I’ve made a small batch of printed copies of one my classics.
“Hermana Resist – The Poetry Collected 2000-2007: Mujerista Legacy & Xicana Resistance Rooted in Revolutionary Love”

Noemi Ixchel Altagracia Martinez Turull’s poetry within this 32-page chapbook captures the intricacies of personal identity intertwined with the political sphere, where love asserts itself as an act of defiance. Her verses carve a solitary path at the crossroads of Mexican and Puerto Rican worlds, challenging traditional cultural narratives, and redefining autonomy, sexuality, and parenthood. This collection, a reflection of Mujerista and Xicana experiences, offers insights that continue to echo powerfully in today’s ongoing social transformation.

With cover artwork by the talented Nicole Licea. Each poem in this collection, from “South Texas Experience” to “For the Judge who Let the man go,” is a woven narrative of resistance, hope, and spirit.

Alexis Pauline Gumbs heralds this collection as essential for those who recognize the political nature of love and the importance of third-world feminist narratives.
it’s foolish to think of intangibles
in these times of war
to think of balls unraveling
when we cannot define
love or peace
to think we can overlook
lo que la historia nos dice
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About the Author:
Noemi Ixchel Altagracia Martinez Turull, a magic maker and alchemist of words, is a queer crip femme poet-curanderx and mixed-media artist. Casting spells of revolutionary love and resistance from her multi-crip family in the heart of Texas, Noemi channels transformative power through a unique fusion of Mexican and Puerto Rican traditions. For two decades, she has been forging zines and narratives that spark change and dialogue, amplifying the voices of women and non-binary creators of color.