pocket guide-Revolutionary Teaching: Guidebook to Zines in the Classroom & Community digital download and printable file for using zine



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This is a listing for the Guidebook to Zines in the Classroom & Community. I’m a writer, poet, and zine creator and curator who believes in the power of zines to create community and inspire social change.
This guidebook is a comprehensive resource covering a variety of topics related to zine-making, including sample intros for different grade levels, a discussion on teaching and engaging with zines, and a list of what others can use zines for, such as creative writing, social issues, personal narratives, and more. It also includes rubrics for evaluating zine projects and a list of different types of zines.

If you’re interested in learning more about using zines to teach or want to incorporate zines into your community, this MINI pocket guide is perfect for you. Our store features zines and books on radical activism, alternative media, and social justice, and we believe that zines are an important tool for challenging dominant narratives and amplifying marginalized voices.

Please note that this is a digital download only, and there is no physical item available. The listing is available for a very low cost and consists of a 4-page downloadable printable file. If you have any questions or need more information about any of the sections included in this resource, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

My micropress & studio focuses on radical activism, alternative media, and social justice, so our resources and products are geared towards those topics. Thank you for considering our shop for your zine needs <3 If you appreciate our work and would like to support us further, we have included a tip jar at our store and there is also one available at our studio & press site.