All New 2022 Five Science Fiction Story Starters & Prompts for High School


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Sci Fi! It’s right up there with comics and graphic novels as a great way to get kids interesting in not only reading but writing on their own.

Emergency Sub Plan: Leave this packet in your substitute folder for an easy-to-use emergency lesson. There’s no prep and every outcome will be different because every student will write a different story or paragraph! They can even be told to write plays, poems or creative posters. These five prompts can be divided into one prompt a week or one prompt a day.

Hi! In this set, you’ll receive

*five science fiction story prompts aimed at high school and secondary school classes. Themes include alien invasion, food scarcity, irregular planets, longevity and biotechnology and more.

Bring in outside material for each prompt to increase the class dialogue. Isaac Asimov defines science fiction as the branch of literature that deals with the reaction of human beings to science and technology. In a way, we can use science fiction to learn about humanity and society and this is probably the reason why I love scifi so much and continue to teach scifi and writing science fiction today.

Writing science fiction and learning about science fiction is a great way to get students interested in writing and using their imaginations to create worlds and envision a future with what we know about science today.

Or make it a follow-up assignment: What real-life problem is the prompt dealing with? Most science fiction lit tackles a real-life problem in society, if you are covering this in a semester, this is a great add-on to your lesson plan.

If you’d like this PDF in an MP4, I’ve made it available in my store here. It should open on any movie player.

Questions? Do your students want to ask me questions? I might answer. LMK.