Tarot-Powered Writing Prompts for Character & Scene Development: Collective Tarot creative insights for writers


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Title: Tarot-Powered Writing Prompts for Creative Character Development

Are you in need of a creative boost for your writing project? Unlock your imagination with the Collective Tarot! I’ll perform a three-card pull and provide you with not only the intuitive insights from the cards but also detailed information about each card. With this, you can breathe life into new characters or infuse your existing ones with unique and realistic details.

What You’ll Receive:
✓✓A personalized PDF report revealing the specific tarot cards drawn for your reading.
✓A comprehensive overview of each card, highlighting their meanings and symbolism.
✓Tailored creative writing prompts and exercises designed to spark your creativity, suitable for various genres and writing projects.
✓The opportunity to explore and express your unique ideas through your creative works, drawing inspiration from the mystical world of tarot.

Is this for you? If you’re feeling stuck in your writing or craving a touch of magic in your next writing exercise, this is the perfect solution. I exclusively use the Collective Tarot deck for crafting these inspiring readings.

The Collective Tarot is a queer, trans, non-binary-friendly deck—just like me. To learn more about this unique deck, please see below.

Not only are these prompts perfect for writing, but they can also serve as a creative launchpad for collage, art, and drawing projects.

This exercise is a fun, intuitive way to enhance your creativity. If the Etsy checkout system doesn’t work for you, alternative payments can be arranged via PayPal, Venmo, cash, or check (local customers).

About Me: I am an Alchemist of Words and a Storyteller, with over 100 hours of specialized training in writing and poetry. My journey involves blending the art of healing, the magic of storytelling, and the wisdom of tarot into a unique creative method. If you’re looking for multiple readings and exercises or prefer a monthly or weekly exercise delivery, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to be your creative guide on this enchanted path of inspiration.

delivery: You’ll receive a PDF of your purchase within 7-10 days through Etsy’s messaging system—please note that this does not include physical cards.

About the Deck: The Collective Tarot is a collaboratively created, radically-politicized, and queerly-revisioned Tarot deck. It’s my go-to Tarot deck for sparking inspiration. I’ve created numerous poems, short stories, postcard fiction, and collages inspired by these cards. Their vibrant and colorful imagery is ideal for self-expression through art and writing. In this deck, you’ll find Keys (fire), Bottles (water), Feathers (air), and Bones (earth) instead of traditional suits, as well as Seeker, Apprentice, Artist, and Mentor cards instead of traditional phases.

Please respect my work by not selling or sharing these exercises on social media, adding them to collections, or using this method in a class without obtaining permission from me.

Note: This offering is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for legal, medical, or professional help.