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Hello fellow creatives! I have been creating mixed media and other types of alternative media for the last two decades, and I am thrilled to offer these themed collage kits to help jumpstart your inspiration.
Each kit is carefully curated to reflect a particular theme, and I’ve poured my heart and soul into each one. No two kits are alike, but they all come with the essentials you need to explore your unique style and tell your story through art. Each one is made to order too.

Inside the Forest, Fairies and Fae collage kit in a Box, you’ll find materials and tools to stoke that creativity and express your love for fairies, forest and fae.

Theme and Inspiration

Our fae, fairies, and forest collage kit is a celebration of nature’s ethereal beauty and the enchanting creatures that call it home. It captures the essence of mystical forests, where fairies dance among the trees and magic weaves its way through every corner.

It is inspired by nature’s ethereal beauty and the enchanting creatures that reside in the forest.
The colors associated with this forest, fairies and fae kit include various shades of green, including earthy greens, soft moss, and vibrant emerald. Additionally, there are earthy browns and warm golden tones.
Elements and Delights: The kit includes forest-themed ephemera like leaves, branches, and woodland creatures. It also features fairy tale illustrations, handwritten notes with quotes, cabin and green witchy aesthetics.

-Photo represents all the materials from several different kits and is not a themed set.
This listing is for forest, fae & fairies themed box. Photos also include color coordination as an example.

Note: The kit contents may vary slightly due to availability, but rest assured that we will always provide you with a magical assortment of material.

You’ll also get the basics found in the collage 101 kit, which is
Collage in a Box DIY Instruction Guide
*surface idea list
*Cut Paste Create: a neurodivergent approach to collage zine-
designed for neurodivergent readers who don’t want to read a lot, this zine features minimal text and no images, offering a straightforward resource for those who want to explore the power of cut-and-paste art.
*Work Surfaces: A variety of work surfaces, such as canvas or art board, to serve as the base for your collage.
*Scissors: to customize and size your paper and additions to your collage.
*Glue or Matte Medium: brand will vary

*new-Enhance your learning experience with our curated playlists! Explore a range of music genres and themes that embody the spirit of Edupunk. From punk rock to rebellious anthems and soulful melodies, each playlist creates a unique atmosphere for creative learning.

**New extras options that can be added for your convenience
+a larger size of a selection of glue adhesive, brands will vary
+A set of oil pastels
+a set of charcoal sticks
+a pack of colored pencils
+extra pair of scissors
+a paintbrush for the collaging glue, size will vary
+adaptive scissors

*the extra bundle comes with either an 8″ scissors or adaptive scissors. If you’re unsure which one you’re buying, let me know and I can make a custom one. I can also make a custom one if you’d like both.
I also have a listing of all the extras if you’d like to buy multiples of them in any number.

Each kit is assembled with care and attention to detail. We pack each order individually as it is received, so please allow for the collecting process and shipping out.
My kits are assembled in a smoke-free and cat dander and cat-free environment.
It’s important for me to note that my products come from a dog family home and while I do my best to ensure they are scent-free, I cannot guarantee a completely scent-free product.
As a small business, your purchase helps support our passion for creative making and publishing. Thank you for choosing our collage kit – we can’t wait to see what you create!

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