Digital Collage Lab: Kit 1 a downloadable collage kit fashioned in a zine-like form


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This is a downloadable collage kit fashioned in a zine-like form. 86 pages.

I created this because as I was in the process of developing the idea of collage kits, I thought about my crip & disabled kin who have compromised immune systems who might not want to receive mail at this time.

What to do with this?
Make copies of these pages. Decrease the size of the images. Make them bigger, smaller. Add text before or after you print them out. Make digital collages, mixed media, poem art and art. Make protest art! Make lovely proclamations to yourself, fk yous to the year, your pain, dream letters and poems about worlds you envision for your bodies, that’s what I’m going to do.

Then what?
Next kits will be themed and will be about mind/brain and then blackout poetry and some other goodies. Ideas, questions?

I like to collage with poems myself and thought others do too. Sometimes searching for images can be overwhelming. Over the years, I’ve also lost images and computers have died and I’ve lost so much content and writing plus images. I decided to collect themed images to concentrate on some poem/collages over this winter just as I lost my main computer.

*The last image is a sample digital collage I created today. Digital collaging is not my strongest but my art supplies are not out and I wanted to play around with it on my computer. I would probably do this by printing them out, layering them out, painting and coloring here and there but still, I dig this one too.
Who am I?

Noemi Martinez is a queer crip femme poet-curanderx, mixed media artist and writer with magical roots from Mexico and Puerto Rico. A single mami of 2, she lives in a multi-crip fam in deep South Texas. Noemi has been creating, publishing, teaching and talking about zines for the last twenty years.

tags:b&w flowers, back brace, backbone, bracing, collaging, disability, disc, floral arrangement, floral arrangements, medical journals, scoliosis, skeleton, spinal column, spinal cord, spine, vertebral column

Trigger warning: text and images from medical journals, images throughout of bodies, mainly spine.