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Lines from acedia to apatheia is half size (digest size) and features poetry and images around the theme of enough, peace, absence of peace and life expectations.

This digital PDF version is in color and has slight variations than the paper one you’d receive if you order the print version.

A collection that started out as a 140 character poetry thing then went into nonexistence, questioning roots and trees and where we live and why we live along with some insanity and free thoughts and free advice and advice I don’t take myself. Throw in some talk about zines and the internet and bodies, talk of raspas and cemeteries and you have my zines in a nutshell.

Written by Noemi Martinez.
For an awesome review by Maegen Mamita Mala, editor over at Vivir Latino, head over to:

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Noemi Martinez is a queer crip femme poet-curanderx, mixed media artist and writer with magical roots from Mexico and Puerto Rico. A single mami of 2, she lives in a multi-crip fam in deep South Texas. Noemi has been creating, publishing, teaching and talking about zines for the last twenty years.