Welcome To Huma-Droid city coloring book cyberpunk dystopian city adult coloring book


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Welcome to Huma-Droid City coloring book Is finally here. This started out as an idea during covid lockdown about humanity and technology-enhanced humans and androids living together after a world-wide disaster. AI has been used by writers and creatives to hold a mirror to humanity and make commentary about humans, love, the body, family, death and much more.

I have been writing about the possibility of other worlds, the disabled body and tech, AI and cyborgs and the chronically ill/disabled body and most recently memory retrieval, AI and grief. That’s how some creative people use the entity and the idea of AI.

Size is 8×11, on thick paper that won’t bleed. 32 pages of art.
I made some colorable postcards-I have one ready and that one is shown.


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