Hermana, Resist: Notes on the Resistance-where are we as zinesters 20 years later


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A zine produced in 2018 as an introduction to the curated zine collection, fashioned into a zine. I had always wanted to release this as a separate zine because it was was a note to the resistance of where my zines came from and where I felt my work was headed. In between then and now, a lot has happened. *45, grief, more grief, more resistance, friends died, isolation, the pandemic, more death, more isolation. Looking back, all of what I wrote in 2018 are relevant now. This is a short 6 full-size zine with some goodies thrown in when you order.

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*Please do not make copies of my zines to sell or for the use of more than one person, ie-for an entire class. For more info on use of my zines, check out this page: http://www.hermanaresist.com/permissions/

Please support women and non-binary persons of color publishing creations. This is a primary source publication.

Noemi Martinez is a queer crip femme poet-curanderx, mixed media artist and writer with magical roots from Mexico and Puerto Rico. A single mami of 2, she lives in a multi-crip fam in deep South Texas. Noemi has been creating, publishing, teaching and talking about zines for the last twenty years.

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